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Loving Canine Transformations, Inc., trains all dogs by using force free methods and concept training. These tools will help your puppy, adult or senior dog. I also have a passion for scared, fearful, shy or otherwise nervous dogs and would love to help them adjust into their new families. With rescued dogs, we don't always know their past, but we can help create a happy future with them in a positive way.  
LCT, Inc., wants to help you understand your dog while helping him to build his confidence all with the use of kibble/treats and games. My goal is to teach you ways to understand your dog by learning how to read his body language. I have the tools to guide you, let me help you, and together, we can build the foundation for a happy future with your thankful dog.  
Let me know what you need and we will figure it out together. We will become a team to create happiness within your family with you and your dog. Let's get started, it's never too early or too late!
-Angela Marler, ABCDT, PDT