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If you are a client of mine, you have experienced and most likely already own the magical harnesses better known as Walk Your Dog with Love.  I am so in love with this harness and I know you will be too.  It really makes walking your dog easy and loving. No pulling, seriously, like I said, it's magical. 

If you are interested in buying one of these magical harnesses for yourself or a friend, feel free to check out their website:


Sara S.This harness is amazing. It doesn’t choke Onyx, gently guides him enough so that he can adjust the speed. It reminds him to slow down, (and of course that means treats for him now ) so happily comes back to my side. Easy use for my daughter to take him too, super child friendly.

Cheryl H.You’d think from looking at this dainty 10-lb. girl that she’d be easy to walk. But don’t be fooled- she has pulled her 6’4” daddy down to his knees! So unfortunately I gave up on walking her, which broke my heart because she loved it so much. Then we got your harness and it was life changing! Immediately I was able to not only control her, but also my two other dogs, all by myself! I can now walk them anytime I want- which makes me a very, very happy fur mama! We had tried others that promised to stop the pulling but nothing worked like yours. Thank you so much for creating this.

Jared & Sadie G. -Kane is the type of dog who we were told might not react well to any type of harness. He came from a horrible life of abuse, neglect, and was nearly part of the Cambodian meat trade. Being restrained in any way was difficult for him, and getting used to a regular leash was hard enough. But honestly, within minutes of agreeing to let us put the Walk Your Dog With Love harness on, he acted as if it wasn't even there. It took us under a minute to adjust to his body type, and after 2 or 3 uses it was a breeze getting it on and off. He's reached the point now where he actually pokes his head through the harness to help us put it on! It's amazing! Walks are SOOOOOO much better now, he intuitively knows with just a gentle pull which direction we're headed. I can't thank you guys enough - it's made all the difference for our Kane.

Kim R. -I love my Walk Your Dog With Love harnesses! I have one very excited dog, and one fearful dog, and this harness gives me the control to deal with each of their individual quirks with ease and comfort.... even being on the same leash! Easy to put on and adjust as needed. Great harness. Thanks for your magnificent creation!