The animals are under a great deal of stress. The vibratory changes of our evolving planet are difficult for the animals. Their electrical systems cannot adapt as easily as ours to the rising vibrations. Additionally, their planetary service, as part of the Elemental kingdom, involves the absorption of our negativity into their own electrical systems. In other words, the animals have their own struggles with the electrical shifts of the planet, yet also selflessly serve us by absorbing our negativity too.

In addition, animals are not born with the electrical filters necessary to buffer out modern man’s technological dissonance. This dissonance bothers them continuously. Think fingernails on a chalkboard. Thanks to our technology, this is the kind of noise the animals hear all the time.

This combination of circumstances leaves the animals raw and electrically overloaded. Most animals greatly need and appreciate Flower Essences. They dramatically ease an animal's burdens, offering them vital information about solving problems they have never had to face until now, such as buffering out manmade technological dissonance.

Animals are much like children in their keen ability to read the vibration of Flower Essences and shift gears in response to the Essences’ energetic gifts. Just as with children, it is rare for animals to question their right to receive the healing information offered by Essences the way adult humans sometimes do. They usually welcome all the healing benefits of Flower Essences in short order and in this way teach us yet another lesson in love.

From day one, Green Hope Farm has been called to serve the animals. In February of 2000, we were guided to create a collection of 22 remedies addressing issues that animals frequently confront. This collection reflects what we’ve learned during our many years working with hundreds of thousands of animals. This collection has proved a godsend for animals and also people, as the collection is fabulous for people too.

The journey of Green Hope Farm Flower Essences out into the world has a life of its own. I am deeply grateful that service to the animals is a central part of the plan.


There is no group on the planet that can benefit more from Flower Essences than rescue animals. Early trauma and abuse deeply affects their electrical wiring and causes them to have great difficulty being present in their post rescue life experiences. Flower Essences support healing exactly where the damage has been done, in the animal's electrical system.

Most animals will readily choose the positive role model of Flower Essences over negative energies. However, when an animal's electrical wiring has been deeply damaged by negative interactions with humans, as is the case with most rescue animals, this process of letting Flower Essences inform and improve an animal's health may take longer than the lightning response of a more balanced animal.

It has been our experience that rescue animals need to work with Flower Essences longer than untraumatized animals in order to learn all they can from the Essences. Their electrical systems are such that they have more to untangle, and because their electrical systems are in more of a tangle, they usually need more exposures to an Essence before they can collect all the data they need from the remedy. However, when they learn what they can learn from the Essences, the changes are often miraculous.

The truth is, Flower Essences are an incredible healing tool for rescue animals because Essences are all about healing and untangling the electrical logjams, the very logjams that trauma and abuse causes.

Just remember, it may take time and repeated exposure to the Flower Essences before signs of improvement are evident and the animal has integrated all of the healing data that the Flower Essences have to offer.

We are grateful every day that rescue animals has been a major focus of our work. Please do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions you have about working with Flower Essences and your rescue animal or animals!

For more information about how to order Green Hope Farm Flower Essences, please check out their website and email them with questions.